Йухансон. : Those Russians, part 2

17:33  23-05-2003
Типа продолжения истории с перчатками, имевшее место быть после возвращения подданого Её Величества из Белокаменной. Получаю я, стало быть, вот такое мыло :

"You will all know that Paul McCartney will be in StPetersburg on a private (!) visit tomorrow and Friday. He does something very short at the Conservatoire tomorrow, which I'll attend with Al Coutts. On Friday he opens the renovated building of the Menshikov Manezh, next to the Menshikov Palace, which is going to be used for music/recording purposes. The organisers have agreed that I can, exceptionally, take 5 people with me (although I've said the extras will forego the fourchette since it would be really rude to gatecrash twice over!). The event starts just after 1900 and will last about an hour.

I'm not sure how many of you will be interested but, on the basis that there will be more than 5, the fairest way is to draw names out of a hat - maybe in the club on Friday at 6 hrs.

If you are absolutely passionate about being there, good luck!


Хули, скоро сыкс о'клок...