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ok, i'm a Siberian born in 1942. i spent 11 years in the US as i was married to a US citizen, with whom i'm still in touch. i left in 1977, came back in 1988.i had difficulty speaking Russian, especially numerals and patronimics. I lived in Oakland, CA where Jack London lived, then Alaska with Old Believrs in Nikolaevsk AK-i just read about a crash of a a small plane with the people i knew- Stepan Basargin, Reutov, MArtyushev.then Oregon, where i felt at home. i kept my Soviet passport. i felt the country was headed for disaster, i didn't trust Gorby, but what could i do? i couldn't tell all the people not to trust him. this year it'll be 20 years since i came back, so i lost my fluency in English but i keep teaching it.


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