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ѕлагиат:: - У лофелинФ (на правах рекламы бл€ть)

У лофелинФ (на правах рекламы бл€ть)

јвтор: ».Ўамир
   [ прин€то к публикации 12:23  25-01-2007 | orlusha | ѕросмотров: 896]
Ёто мыло получил сегодн€ утром от ƒэнниса, которого знаю уже лет двадцать.
„итать, всем, кто учит английский, ходит в кабаки и ебЄт всЄ в рот.

Dear Mr Shamir,

please accept some sobering advice from Moscow! Unfortunately this is something that has happened recently in Moscow to a friend of mine (Mark Ganney, you know him). Those going to Moscow watch out where you drink !
This text describes the dangers of drink spiking, and the measure you can take to limit the risk.

It is important that you take the time to read this - and that you follow the advice.

Luckily (and it is luck), no-one from my family or friends has been killed in a drink-spiking attack, which might explain why the threat is still not taken sufficiently seriously. Don't wait until someone dies before you start following our simple rules.


1. Over the weekend another member of our team had his drink spiked. As I have said before, these attacks are common, dangerous and potentially fatal. If you collapse on the street on a (normal) Moscow winterТs night (and if your drink has been spiked, you almost certainly will) and you are on your own you are dead. So please (PLEASE!) read this and follow the advice (and make sure others do likewise). Ignoring it could cost you your life.
How do I avoid my drink being spiked?

2. The later it is, and the more you have had to drink, the more important the following advice becomes:

 Some bars Ц typically rowdy ones opening late - have repeatedly been connected with spikings and should be avoided. The УBoar HouseФ is particularly notorious in the western community, going there late at night is dangerous.
 Stay in a group Ц experience shows that those on their own are at far greater risk;
 Do not leave drinks unattended Ц get someone to hold (not just Уkeep an eye onФ) your drink;
 If your drink has been unattended, leave it and buy another one Ц it could save your life;
 Do not accept a drink if you are not sure where it came from or are unhappy with the packaging;
 If you can, ensure bottles are opened in front of you;
 Avoid being a target of theft Ц the motive for most drink spikings - stay sober enough to be in control, donТt let other people see lots of money or credit cards;
 Accepting a drink from a stranger, especially if you are not in a bar, is asking for trouble. (It happens.)

What are the drugs used, and what is the effect?

3. Clonidine (locally called clophylline) is favored by criminals in Russia. It is an old-fashioned drug for lowering blood-pressure, now rarely used by doctors in the USA. It is undetectable by color, odor or taste when added to an alcoholic drink. It has a particularly dramatic 'first-dose effect' - the first time a person takes the drug, even a modest dose can causing sudden, catastrophic and potentially life-threatening fall in blood pressure. The person may be seriously incapacitated for 12-24 hours and may remain weak, drowsy and disorientated for several days.

How do I know someone's drink has been spiked?

4. A victim might:

 suddenly appear extremely drunk, disproportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed
 be unable to walk or even stand
 be unable to speak coherently
 become unconscious

What should I do if someone appears to have become the victim of drink-spiking?

5. Things to do:

 Stay with the victim and call for additional help
 Guide (or if necessary pull) them away from any immediate serious danger (e.g. from traffic)
 If the victim is unconscious, put him in the 'recovery position' and make sure his airway is clear
 Call the municipal ambulance service on 03 (free).



Dennis Kakken-Moegen (esq)




#0 17:01  25-01-2007».Ўамир    
orlusha, Ќу там типа, не ходите в этот кабак, там бл€ть всех буржуинов клофелином трав€т. ј потом те, бедные, на улицах замерзают. ¬опщем, пить пиво только через гандон! » от бутылки не отходить!

P.S. —коро, чувствую, рубрику "—пизженое" замен€т рубрикой "—ѕ»«∆≈Ќќ≈ Ўјћ»–ќћ »."

#1 17:06  25-01-2007—лава  ѕ——    
я бы отказал в публикации. orlusha, это просто ни в какие ворота не лезет. “ак он и на »врите скоро ху€рить начнет. ј хуле - учи олбанцкей.
#2 17:08  25-01-2007—лава  ѕ——    
ѕомнб на шестнадцатой странице литературки была кака€-то хуйн€ по английски и полпись: Vasya (esquire).
#3 17:28  25-01-2007„естный  азах    
…афшоке!! Ѕл€дь, и наху€ € сюда приехал?!)))))
#4 17:56  25-01-2007архангел √авриил    
poseur, бл€ть,


#5 10:16  26-01-2007».Ўамир    
orlusha, всЄ пиздец. —ел писать про грибы.

¬от всегда так: решишь людей предупредить, чтоб не потравились - так ещЄ и обосрут. Ќу и хуй с ним.

#6 03:49  27-01-2007bitalik    
„итал. Ќихуйа не пон€л.



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„унга-„анга, синий небосвод,
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: [18] [ѕлагиат]
я давно зав€зал с плагиатом,
Ќе краду боле ни зап€той.
–аньше - да, € копировал, "пастил";
Ќынче ж слог уникальный, родной...

—просишь: " ак ты добилс€ успеха?
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я отвечу: "’одил к проституткам
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“ретий день свадьбы шел к своему завершению.
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¬се конверты вскрыты и подсчитаны.
ќстатки гостей в€ло похмел€лись за обширным столом.
- я тебе так и не сделала подарок, - - перед женихом сто€ла его бывша€....
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«адолго до победного парада
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—овсем не сразу взрывов отголоски
ƒостичь смогли родных нам берегов,
Ќо на границе первые берЄзки
”же ломались танками врагов....
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